Monday, August 15, 2011

In the Gaza Strip a poem eyes

By Heathcote Williams

Ariel Sharon
Body has been in a coma
Lasting for five years.

Hell's gates are narrow.
Until he can fit through them,
He must wait its turn.

Here are some haiku
To an old war criminal
With no IQ left.

If they are read aloud,
On a million decibels,
He can detect

Hatred, all of which
Killers – however, attract
The right do you think they have been.

Sonic blast could
Open hell saw his enormous corpse
Can the press finally.

The Palestinians
Killed by Ariel Sharon
In the Sabra camp

And in Shatila,
While he animal cages their homes
Be able to see him stabbed in.

Two thousand could see,
With those killed in the Quibiya-
48 mowed down

By Sharon's death squads –
They were able to peer from a distance
To see his trapped soul

Snoen and heaving,
In pipes. Then, other
Who is fine in Gaza

And had their houses
Beaten by him stab
Them alive to be able to see.

His ' Operation
Peace in Galilee ' would kill
18 Thousand more.

They could also draw
Study their tormentor
Final solution:

He breathes without the help,
But otherwise, it is clear that
There is no there.

There must be a price
When you have enabled a person in
None so often.

Just as the wall he built
To split a Semitic
People — he is cut off.

Like the olive trees
On others ' land he uprooted,
He is now barren –

He can not produce fruit.
After years without listening,
He speaks no longer.

He ordered triggers
To retrieve targeted

In The Gaza Strip.
Now he is able to move
A single digit.

Under cage people
In the Gaza ghetto is he
In a live burial.

-Heathcote Williams is an English poet, actor and award-winning playwright. He contributed this poem to


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